Armaros Grigori

Dark Herald / Harbinger 12; Innate Magus



Race Fallen Angel – Innate Curse Eater War Warder Magus
Class Dark Herald / Harbinger 11
Sex Male
Age 24 (Stasis for 183 years)
Height 6’ 1"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Black
Eyes Orange

Hydroglea, the Drowned Queen
Rubicante, the Autarch of Flame
Scarmiglione, The Blighted Despot
Valvaliss, Empress of Winds


Armaros was born to his father, Adonus (Elohim) and his mother, Maria (Azlanti), making him a half-Azlanti, Half-Elohim. Unlike most hybrids, his Azlanti side took dominance, and his Elohim became his bloodline. While growing up, he always wondered why his father was fascinated by the moon and the stars and was unaware of his father’s origins as an Elohim. His father would not tell him until he had mastered the arts of magic. Armaros boasted he can create life, but when his father asked if he has even mastered a single spell, he admitted he cannot. When Armaros returned home he saw his mother collapsed on the floor. She told him she was alright, and that she is just tired from carrying her next child. Excited about having a sibling, Armaros went to bed.

When Armaros had awoken he found himself in a strange vault with no memory of how he got there, surrounded by sleeping creatures of every shape and size in smooth glass eggs, all watched over by uncommunicative crablike automatons. It was there he found an automaton, and from it’s body he crafted his armor. As Armaros wandered he found vast doors, and when he tried to push the doors, they had opened. Upon doing so, he heard a voice and he became an apprentice to the voice and it will do as it tells him. What the voice is, Armaros doesn’t know, however he was then transported him to Golarion. Upon arriving, Armaros met the good professor and returned with him to Ravengro. The professor and Armaros began researching into whom the voice would be, unfortunately, he passed away before they could complete their research.

Armaros seeks out those that who are blasphemers of there own religions, and beliefs. He seeks to learn how to break enchantments, and negate magic. He dislikes those that go away from the path, seeing them as weak of will. His most recent victim, Father Grimmburrow, a clergyman of Pharasma who had become stagnant and didn’t offer assistance with Harrowstone prison. Armaros still seeks the answer to this day, why did his father gaze at the moon.

The Voice told Armaros that he would need to do the following:
He will create 12 beings that will master the elements.
They will be known as the Elemental Lords, the most powerful being Alichino, Scarmiglione, Rubicante, Valvaliss, and Hydrologea.

Armaros Grigori

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