Heal (Wis)

Prevent Recovery (stop natural healing of hp/ability damage). DC 15 (1 hour check)
Prevent Fast Healing (stop fast healing for 24 hours). DC 25 (1 hour check)
Torture (deal lethal or nonlethal damage equal to HD to victim) DC 10+HD (1 hour check)
Intense Torture (deal 1 point of ability damage to victim) DC 15+HD (2 hour check)
Extreme Torture (deal 1 point of ability drain to victim) DC 25+HD (2 hour check)
Erode Willpower (inflict cumulative -1 penalty to Will save) DC 10+HD (24 hour check

Intimidate (Cha)
While the rules say nothing specific about it, any bonus against fear (such as that from being buddies with a paladin or being a fighter) also applies to the DC to use Intimidate to demoralize a foe.

Knowledge (Religion) (Int)
Characters can perform acts within their portfolio. Upon completion of one of the deeds, they may make a knowledge religion check with the following modifiers to the check :



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