Skill Training

Some institutions offer training to those who seek it out, aiding them in their chosen professions. This has the mechanical effect of providing an innate competence bonus to a skill or set of skills.

Apprentice: +1 (Base price 150 gp, 3 days, DC 12)
Journeyman: +2 (Base price 600 gp, 1 week, DC 15)
Master: +5 (Base price 3750 gp, 4 weeks, DC 20)
Legend: +10 (Base price 15,000 gp, 15 weeks, DC 30)

An organization cannot typically offer training unless it has a leader or trainer who possesses a proper number of ranks in the subject. (Apprentice 3, Journeyman 6, Master 12, Legend 18)

A prospective candidate should be capable of making the listed DC while taking 10. Not being able to do so doubles the price and training time, and any organizational discounts are disallowed.

Bonuses do not stack, however they can be upgraded for the difference in price, though training times are unchanged.

A cram course offers a bundled set of skills for no reduced price, but reduced training time. The training time is given as a multiplier of a single course and represents all skills in the package.

Skill Training

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