The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye


The Esoteric Order of the Palatine Eye† (sometimes known as the Eldritch Order of the Palatine Eye) is a very secretive organization thought to be based in Ustalav. The organization works against the Whispering Way and recently aided those responsible for defeating Kazavon, a blue dragon, who was styled the Lord of Scarwall.

*The Whispering Way"


The Whispering Way is a cruel and secret organization and philosophy promoting undeath that has been active for thousands of years. The tenets are whispered one to another and never written down. The symbol of the Whispering Way is a gagged skull.

Catspaw Marauders

The Catspaw Marauders are an Ustalavic mercenary band led by their captain Avinash.1 They were tolerated for a time in the open and friendly town of Hajoth Hakados in the Numerian Plains, but recently their predations proved too severe, and the residents drove them out. Their secret headquarters in the town are abandoned.2

House Graydon

The Graydon family (motto: Guardians of the Dawn) are known for producing knights that are excellent soldiers and engineers. The family is also noted for its unbending loyalty to Ustalav’s ruling family. Their heraldry is of a sun-silhouetted howling wolf.

Karcau Opera

The Karcau Opera is based in the large city of Karcau: the county capital of Sinaria, in Ustalav. It is more than an opera house or company, being a large arts complex in the north of the city hosting many arts organizations (see below). It is considered among the pre-eminent schools for the arts in all Avistan, renowned for elegance and tradition. An education at the Karcau Opera has produced some of the top artistes of the musical world over the years, though few alumni tend to stay in the city once their courses have finished.

Voices of the Spire

The Voices of the Spire is the militant wing of the church of Pharasma in the city of Wati in Osirion. It is dedicated to eradicating any undead within the city’s necropolis. It is led by humorless Nakht Shepses, a bastard son of the influential Shepses family. The Voices of the Spire also have chapter houses in Nex and Ustalav.


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