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Harrowstones Rest and Family Reunions

The party consisting of Armaros, Indigo De Fuerte, Atlas, Kreig, and Egon met together within Ravengro to bury their old friend Professor Lorrimor after learning of his recent death. It was here that the mismatched acquaintances met Professor Lorrimors daughter and newfound owner of his manor within Ravengro, Kendra, who was mourning her Fathers death. After seeing to the Professors proper burial within the Restlands cemetery, the party heard from the late Professors last Will, leaving to the party each a sum of 100 platinum coins in Lepidstadt to be collected after one month of his burial, insurance for the members to stay within Ravengro to make sure Kendra would be all right.

It was also within the Will that the party was assigned a second task of transporting some of the Professors research material back to the college of Lepidstadt, and also to deliver a book of strange design bearing a bronze scarab lock to a judge Embreth Daramid to properly collect their reward. But amongst the books to be delivered, was also the Professors diary, which held accounts of a Necromantic cult by the name of The Whispering Way, servants of a terrifying lich. The diary spoke of the Way having some interest in Harrowstone, a burned down prison in the outskirts of Ravengro, and noted their handiwork.

As the party investigated further into the matters of Harrow Stone, strange events took place within the nights at Ravengro. Indigo, whom was spending the night comforting Kendra, who was a childhood friend, about the loss of her Father, when a zombie attacked the manor, only to be swiftly destroyed by the telekinetic hand of Indigo and Atlas’ explosive dagger. Later on Armaros experienced a zombie attack at the tavern known as the Laughing Demon. Egon, who had found himself in the company of a half giant woman by the name of Pepper, was en route to the manor when he and his companion were attacked by a flock of stirges, both of them working quickly to deal with the pesky creatures. After the night passed, the group of adventurers set forth into the town to gain information on matters on what history could be found on the Harrowstone Prison, and perhaps learn what the Way wanted with it. Upon discovering details to Harrowstones destruction being tied to a group of five heinous criminals whom had just arrived to the prison shortly before the fire that overtook it, and that the prison had been overtaken by the prisoners whom the guards prevented from escaping by trapping them within the underground dungeon with a fire blazing due to an incident that killed the prisoners and 23 of the guards. Upon discovering this, the group discovered a desecration to the towns memorial to the guards who gave their lives to protect the town. A V painted in blood along the memorial base. The adventurers soon found a connection of this desecration the the criminal known as The Splatter Man, one of the five criminals who were recently transported to Harrowstone in the year of the fire. The group then searched throughout the archives of the library and Lorrimor manor to gather more information on the five, who later were discovered under the names: Splatter Man, The Lopper, Mosswater Marauder, Piper of Illmarsh, and Father Charlatan. After discovering the names of the five prisoners, a town meeting was called to discuss the nature of the strange hauntings going on within Ravengro. Upon the meetings beginning, fire broke out within the town hall, and five fiery skulls burst forth from the flames to attack the civilians. Luckily with the aid of the adventurers almost nobody was lost, all except for Councilman Hearthmount whom was killed by Armaros on accusation of the Mayor being in league with whomever was behind the hauntings.

After the burning at the town hall, the adventurers set forth into Harrowstone where they discovered the ghost of Vesorianna, the wife of the previous Warden Hawkran, who remained behind and spoke of how she and her husbands ghost worked to keep the spirits of the prisoners from going rampant and escaping the prison into the town. But recently her husband disappeared when a group of robed men and women came to the prison, and without his aid she could only barely contain the spirits within the prison. The five most potent spirits belonged to The Splatter Man, The Lopper, Mosswater Marauder, Father Charlatan, and the Piper of Illmarsh, whom still sought to be released and wreak havoc upon the townsfolk. One of the spirits of the five prisoners, The Splatter Man, was able to leak through her control and every so often gain control o someone within the town, and with each letter written, she would feel a bit of her power wane away with it. Upon this discovery the party returned to the town to prepare to catch the person the Splatter Man was controlling. They discovered that Gibs Hephenus, an old war veteran, was being used to paint the bloody letters and was captured and taken to lock up in the Sheriffs office.

The night of the Hephenus’ capture, Egon dreamed a nightmare of being locked within a burning cell inside Harrowstone, and awoke with his name written in blood along his bedside wall. This event matched the behavior of the Splatter Man before he would kill his victims and frightened Egon into believing that the ghost was now targeting him instead. But Egon was not the only victim that day, for what appeared to be the Whispering Way had also sent agents to massacre over half of the Pharasman priests, including Father Grimburrow himself. The remaining clergymen soon found themselves working under the newest high priest of Ravengro, Egon, who worshipped the Goddess Wee Jas and the God Irori. Upon holding a mass funeral for the deceased, both Indigo and Egon were approached by their goddesses heralds, Iomedaes Inheritor and the Steward of the Skein (who served both Wee Jas and Pharasma). Both were ordered to protect Kendra from possible attacks upon the manor.

That night the group ventured forth into Harrowstone once again and came face to face with the haunt that was The Piper, whom caused Indigo and Atlas to become paralyzed one after the other and attempted to drain their blood from their body with spectral stirges. Luckily with the aid of the other party members use of The Pipers old flute, the haunt was subdued. Following this the group found the remains of Father Charlatan, who died whilst inside his cell of smoke inhalation and weighed down by the heavy iron chains bearing 12 symbols of the 12 gods whom he had pretended to serve. Later on the group descended into the underground dungeon of the prison and came across a prison area in which the walls began to slowly release blood that formed letters in each of their names. Soon the adventurers were attacking the walls with all their might to destroy what they perceived to be some sort of psychic attack through the writing on the walls. After some time eventually they began to break free from the haunts control, and stopped attacking the walls, but Amano, still under the sway of the haunts psychic powers, broke down the last few pillars of resistance that sent the walls crumbling atop the party.

When the dust finally settled most of the group was not fatally injured, but soon they discovered Indigo lying in the rubble of the walls wrapped in ethereal chains like those of Father Charlatan. WIthin Indigos mind he was trapped within a false reality that made him believe that he had died and a priest resembling Father Charlatan in life had revived him, whilst his friends had all left without him and his beloved Kendra had died of disease some time ago. But all was not lost, as Indigos friends soon worked with one another to do their best to awaken their bewitched companion. Slowly Indigo began to beat back the spirit of Father Charlatan and soon defeated the malevolent spirit, rendering it inactive with his willpower.

But the celebration for their triumph over their second phantom was short lived, as the Splatter Man arose from the pool of water within the cell block, and began to assault the party with barrages of magic missile. Eventually Scarm was incapacitated by two barrages of magic missile, later the SPlatter Man began to work on scattering his missiles amongst the party members. Armaros closed in on the Ethereal villain and proceeded to strike blow after blow with a magical dagger and magical mace that managed to deal substantial damage, meanwhile Atlas and Egon worked on destroying the Wizards old spellbook, which seemed to do harm to the ghost as well. As the ghost slowly approached defeat, Atlas made to use a vial of holy water to defeat him, but with a surprise attack from the ghost, the Splatter Man viciously shoved his hand into Atlas, whom only barely survived by moving to allow his arm to be struck full force, which caused the limb to wither to a corpse like state and be severed from his body by the foul spirit. As this took place, Armaros delivered the final blow to the phantom, pacifying the spirit and ordering a quick retreat back to the Manor after taking the remaining materials found within the cells.

Upon their return to the manor, Egon spoke with the party and alerted them to the matter of which he learned that he had been infected with lycanthropy by the stirge bite that he suffered some time ago, and that the full moon was going to change him. The party swiftly prepared a room and bindings to do their best at restraining Egon before he transformed. But the party did not expect that rather than transform into a wolf, as some of them believed to be the only kind of lycanthrope, Egon instead transformed into a large bat like being, who then proceeded to bite several party members, causing them to be paralyzed and fled into the night, to only reunite with Pepper, who also had contracted the same disease herself. Upon waking the next morning, Egon returned to the group to find that Kendras name had been scrawled in blood in her room as well, just as Egon had. Indigo, worried for his beloved Kendra, sought to swiftly end the last of the spirits within Harrowstone and bring the nightmare that haunted Ravengro to an end.

That eveneing, the party took one final step into the depths of Harrowstone, and swiftly sought out the lingering spirits of The Lopper and the Mosswater Marauder, whom they both put to rest quickly before speaking with Vesorianna, whom they gave the only thing left of her husbands will, his badge as warden, and with it Vesorianna gathered the powe rto finally banish all the lingering spirits of Harrowstone, and finally found rest herself as she faded away, leaving a magical badge for their use behind.

The heroes of Harrowstone celebrated their success for the remainder of their month in Ravengro with gusto, Armaros working to gain further influence as a new councilman within Ravengro, and Egon learning the ropes of being the high priest of the only temple in Ravengro. Meanwhile Indigo and Kendras romance furthered, the two becoming quite close to one another, even to the point in which Kendra offered to leave with Indigo on his adventures and sell the manor to afford her travels with her beloved. It was during this time that many of the group recieved great rewards from their deities. Indigo was promoted to being a Paladin by Iomedae, meanwhile retaining his telekinetic powers as a kineticist. Armaros had become infused with the power of a Fallen Angel, which seemed to be growing slowly with his own strength. Egon had gained the power of necromancy from Wee Jas for his service in performing the burial rites for each of the deceased within Harrowstone. Krieg, who had been working on treating himself of a severe disease inside him during this time, finally was cured, and in his eagerness to celebrate held a local training area for the town guards, training them in what ways he could with the sword, and was given skills in the art of craftsmanship by Gorum as a reward. Meanwhile Atlas, whom still mourned th eloss of his arm, worked on creating a new invention in his spare time, though his demanor grew melancholic as he began to drink heavily during his waking hours. Eventually funds from his previous inventions made their way to Ravengro, revealing the young alchemists secret of being quite a wealthy inventor with a sum of 20,000 gold pieces at his disposal.

The adventurers soon were ready to head off to Lepidstadt on the night before the end of the month, and hosted a party over at the Lorrimor Manor with some of the towns folk, Kendra, and few others. It was during this party however that an unexpected visitor came knocking. A young man clad in black armor who went by the name of Zaravir, and claimed to be purchasing the manor. After some time arguing at the door with Armaros, Indigo offered to allow the man in, only to recognize the younger man as his brother, whom both belonged to the Aruduro family. However, Zaravir could not recognize Indigo, whom had become a gearforge human after a failed assassination attempt on his life. Zalavir questioned the party goers on whether they had seen Indigo, hoping to try and discover his whereabouts, but soon threatened to harass the townsfolk to reveal whether or not Indigo was amongst them. Armaros, whomw as still clad in his usual full plate armor, then disguised himself using the description Zalavir gave to pose as Indigo, and proceeded to have Zalavir believe that he truly was his brother. Zalavir responded by inviting Armaros to play a ‘game’ with him. He would allow him,a nd those hwo would try and aid him, six hours to flee the town before he and his men would chase them down and kill everyone other than Indigo, whom he would take back to their home alive. Zalavir further threatened that if they failed ot leave town by the specified time, he and his men would work to kill townsfolk for each hour they failed to leave the town. Fearing for the peoples safety, the real Indigo spoke with Armaros and the group planned a clever escape using Armaros’ ability to create creatures at the price of his magical power to trick the riders and his brother, by sending a group of equally numbered centaurs to mislead the horse tracks they would elave behind, and use potions of invisibility provided by Atlas to escape unseen. The plan seemed to have worked, but just as cruel men are, Zalavir had planned to chase them down after half the agreed time. It was then a vicious pursuit began, and the two parties raced into the heavy rain of the night. Egon and Indigo both worked hard not to fall from their horses whilst they were chased, and Egon soon fell prey to an unexpected attack from Zalavir, who displayed powers over gravity, a kineticist like his brother! Armaros quickly rose from his horse, no longer clad in his full plate, and rushed Zalavir, sending his aiding knights away with his terrifying presence granted to him by his fallen angel power. Armaros and Zalavir traded blows back and forth for a short while, Zalavirs blades of pure gravity hurt Armaros just as equally as the falen angels Falcata injured the man. But soon the tide turned as Kreig and Indigo soon arrived to aid Amraros, whislt Egon worked with Kendra to cover more distance. Soon Armaros wounded Zalavir heavily with a slash to the mans spine, rendering him immobile before the group captured the young noble, who revealed his noble lineage as a threat, but recived no response in his capture before being swiftly knocked unconscious.

As the heroes rode on, eventually they found themselves in the rain trying to race out further, hoping to avoid the knights who were no doubt pursuing them still, and even more so now that they had captured Indigos brother. Eventually they found themselves approaching a heavy wall of mist, seeking to lose the other knights within the thick cloud. As they rode on, soon many of them could not see one another, and came to a slower gait. eventually the heroes reunited with Egon, whom had lost sight of Kendra within the mist. As the party rode on in search of Kendra, they came across a camp of Gypsy folk, whom called themselves Vistani. Upon greeting them, the gypsies revealed they had found Kendra not far from their camp, seeming to have been struck by an unseen assailant with a crossbow, which was laced in some sort of poison. The gypsies then had the heroes speak with their family elder, who gave each one a foreboding fortune using harrow cards. Indigo whom seemed to be destined with a dark future in time, Armaros who would become a ruler of some sort, Egon whom would come to face a hidden agenda, Atlas who would suffer a loss of identity or certainty, and Kreig who would have to fend off tides of battle agaisnt both his body and mind. After speaking with the elder woman, known as Babrena, Indigo offered his own blood to help in a transfusion to hopefully purge the poison from Kendras blood. Upon success, Indigo found to his horror that Kendra had come under the effects of Amnesia due to the poison having effected her mind somehow. Now our heroes hope to make it to Lepidstadt with the assistance of the gypsy folk, and hopefully cure Kendra of her amnesia.

What will happen next? What do the fortunes given our heroes have in store for them? Find out next time in Carrion Crown!

Start of Book 2


Loot from Spider

Potion of Fox’s Cunning
100 gp magnifying glass with gold handle
Box with Silver Ingots worth 300 sp. (3×100)
Walnut Travelling Case – Locks and Keys ? GP
Jar of Pickled Garlic Cloves
Body of a Misshapen Head.
+1 Humanoid (Shapechanger) bane dagger – Atlas

Charges against

Swamp Hamlet of Morast
- Grave Robbery

  • No Body Market – Morast

Theft at the University
- Property Damage
- Idol – University – Seasage Effigy

Arson Charge – Asylum Sanctuary of Carlyle
- Murdered Seven Children in Hurgstag
- Elsa, dead.
It Was determined the deaths were caused by Brother Swarm, a very unique Wraith

The Theft at Lepidstadt

Door was locked and clearly broken in. Clearly by something strong and powerful.
Measurements for foot prints.
FIne Silver Bell was attached – Alarm Spell
— Large Heavy Footprints – Dents in Floor (Iron Nailed Boots)
Scratches on the Railing
Something had jumped the Railing and landed past it.

Knowledge About Flesh Golems

Construct Traits
Berserk Mode 5%
Magic Immunity

The Pact of Krieg and the Devil, Barumar

Krieg, seeing all these events unfold, and his quest for power went to the contract devil located in the black market. The Contract Devil, Barumar, asked Krieg to take a seat. Barumar explained in return for his soul, he will grant him three wishes, or offer him the services of an outsider, alternatively, Barumar offered Krieg his greatest desire but that it would cost him all 3 wishes. Torn between the three, and curious about what it his greatest desire is. He took the chance and risked it. Upon signing his name, both contracts and Krieg began to glow as a blue light. Barumar granted his wish, the ability, knowledge and power to create artifacts. He lost his unknown ability to rage as a 20th level barbarian. Instead, he gained all the abilities of a 20th level artificer and the knowledge of it. Upon doing this, Barumar summoned his imps, and sent them to spread word of a master artificer. It was then, that he had heard a knock at the door. Acciani Viacarri, had arrived with Krieg’s inheritance. 250 platinum bars, each bar worth 500 gp.

The Pact of Scarmiglione and the Devil

The Contract Devil, Barumar, recieved his next customer. Scarmiglione, as he looked at the little guy, he thought this guy will probably wish for immunity to fire and to be a powerful dread necromancer. The truth had been the furthest.

Scarmiglione’s first wish was a simple one, to become an innate dread necromancer. Barumar looked and went yep.

Scarmiglione’s second wish was to become a unique elemental, which intrigued Barumar.

Scarmiglione’s third wish was to have an alternate version of ancestral possession, that should he be slain, he would come back as an undead version of himself, keeping his mental capacities, and his form changing to a death elemental.

The Trial of the Beast

As our heroes entered the city of Lepidstadt, they were greeted with news of an intelligent flesh golem known as The Beast having been captured and put on trial for his crimes against the people of the region, and soon to be destroyed for his transgressions. Intrigued by this,the party members spoke with Judge Daramid, whom they were sent to speak with in the will of the late Professor Lorrimor. Upon completing their task, and receiving their promised platinum pieces, the elder Judge requested the heroes perform another task for her. She held suspicions on which what the Beast was charged in the nature of the crimes he is being tried for, and wished for the heroes to go about and gather evidence to truly cement the Beasts guilt, or prove its innocence.

The heroes visited the scene of the latest crime, the College of Lepidstadt, where a priceless item had been stolen by the Beast and a large amount of property damage was also dealt to the College campus. The PC’s investigated the scene fo the crime and noted how the Beast had easily torn through doors and walls with ease, but yet left the casing of the item in question completely in tact and did not have the item nor any memory of doing so. The heroes soon began to suspect something had used the Beast in order to gain entry into the College and had left without trace and had left the Beast behind to be the obvious and only perceived suspect.

Following this the party visited the abandoned village of Hergstag, where the Beast was accused of attacking the villagers and killing six children, the latest having been the young Elsa. Upon investigating the village, the heroes discovered the lingering wraiths that once were the children, who each spoke of not the Beast having lead to their demise, but of a nefarious Wraith known as Brother Swarm, whom was hiding within a small hole near a scarecrow within the village hills. The heroes swiftly prepared to destroy the Wraith and recovered the bodies of the young children, including the still intact body of young Elsa, whom with a speak with dead spell, gave testimony of the Beast being her friend, not her killer. Following this evidence, and reading up further on the details of Elsas death by inspecting her body and home, Atlas discovered that the children had died from suffocation and no further damage was done to the bodies, a near impossible fear for the Beast who possessed no such abilities and with incredible strength would have left definite damage on the bodies of its victims. Soon our heroes to speak with the Beast on the matter of a villagers testimony detailing the Beast carrying Elsas body into the village and laughing hysterically. Upon bringing up the subject of the Beasts deceased friend, the Beast broke into a fit of sorrow, its deformed flesh pulling into what would appear as a grimace while in fact the Beast was not meaning to do so.

On that day the heroes brought forth their evidence in the first trial and revealed that the Beast, while monstrous and rather terrifying, meant no harm to the village folk and was even a friend to one of the deceased victims. The jury swiftly gathered their notes and ended the court session, an obvious victory for the party.

Upon the second day, the party traveled the the swamp village of Morast, where they encountered the green skinned locals whom swore that the Beast had been attacking their village for almost a whole year before a recent attempt on capturing a villager resulted in the Beast being chased by the locals and being attacked by a Blood Caiman. The heroes were intrigued upon hearing such details, and asked to be brought to the site of the attack, an island within the swamp that bore the local burial ground for the locals, where they discovered a series of emptied graves. Upon further inspection the heroes discovered a hidden cam on the far side of the small island that contained materials of curious purpose: A special set of surgery tools, an alchemical extract of Darkvision, food, blood, and a hidden stash with a human face inside! Upon discovering these items, the Pc’s soon became suspicious of a third party in play in this event, and swiftly noted that the Flesh Golem in question could not bleed from the wounds the Blood Caimian allegedly inflicted, and bore no such marks on where the villagers claimed it had been bitten. Upon inspecting the surgical tools, Andoth noted that there was an Insignia on the tools that lead to a series of shop owners, auction houses, and finally to the Vorkstag and Grine Chymic Works factory. After battling their way through Mongrelfolk workers within the factory, the Pc’s discovered Vorkstags nefarious secret upon bursting into his office, the Alchemist was actually a wicked Fey known as a Skin Stealer. After a lengthy battle with the skin stealing scientist, the PC’s discovered a cabinet containing a variety of human skins that matched the descriptions of multiple missing people from Lepidstadt, and that the Skin Stealer bore the very bite mark that the Caiman had inflicted on whomever was attacking the villagers. Further inspection of the factory revealed a hidden water way that showed ledgers of illegal black market trades involving the bodies and organs of the people of Morast.

The PC’s worked swiftly to return to court and to put forth their evidence, revealing the nefarious secret behind the local Alchemists and their hidden agenda, using the very testimony of Vorkstags partner, Grine, to further prove this point. Furhter displays of the collected Human Skins and autopsy further displayed the Beasts innocence in yet another crime he had been accused.

The final investigation began swiftly the next morning as the heroes investigated the arson of a local hospital/asylum for the deformed and mad within lepidstadt. Upon inspecting the burnt remains of the hospital, the PC’s discovered remnants of documents that mentioned Vorkstag and Grines company, and a bottle of alchemical bleach lying within the remains as well. Deeper into the hospitals remains, the PC’s uncovered the severed head of the head Doctor of the hospital. Upon using a Speak with Dead spell, the Doctor revealed that he had dealings with the Alchemists that they would deliver him the bodies from the people of Morast in order to study them and their rare impervious nature to diseases and decay, and was hoping to create a means of replicating that ability for medicinal purposes.

With the final crimes evidence gathered, the heroe made an astounding final case for the Beast, and upon an hour after the jury left to seek out a decree, they returned with the decree that the Beast was Innocent!


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