Ravenloft - Carrion Crown

Into the Labyrinth of Ivory

2 Huge 2 Breastplates
2 Huge +1 Wounding Glaives
+4 Wounding Adamantine Warhammer – Charles
2 breastplates (non-magical)
25 gems 1k each
5 diamonds 5k each
potion of haste
scroll of baleful polymorph
scroll of dismissal
+3 hand crossbow – Atlas
bracer’s of armor +3 (
4 to Kendra)
Key Ring on Warden’s belt (8 keys) – Armaros – Areas G, H, J, K, L, M, N, O – Location –
1 set of Dimensional Shackles – Armaros
4 large +2 Glaives
1 Large Unique Iron Glaive
Blindingly Magical Glaive – +4 Large Unholy Speed Glaive
Scimitar – Made of Fire – Dawnflower’s Kiss +4 Flaming Unholy Scimitar – Chel
2 scrolls of Heal – Kendra
ELven Chain Chainmail
+1 dancing glaive
belt of physical perfection +4 – Petra
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +6 – Kendra
Mythic Amulet of the Abyss x2 (Baphomet) – Armaros
Diamond Dust 500 gp.
Planar Tuning Fork – Armaros
Reliquery 100 gp unholy
True Symbol of Baphomet 500 – Armaros
92 GP
8 Mwk Shortswords; 4 Mwk Breastplates
12 +1 Defending Mithral Longswords – Indigo
+1 Mithral Breastplate
+6 Constitution Belt – Jacob
Map of the Maze

Hoard of the great linnorm…
830,000 cp
124,000 sp
39,400 gp
2,150 pp
hundreds of pounds of acid pitted mundane gear (248 paladins)
outfit of a dwarven king (3,500 gp)
jem-studded unicorn horn (6,000 gp)
+4 mythril buckler (kendra)
+3 anarchic greataxe
dagger of venom
rapier of puncturing
+2 disrupting warhammer
ring of protection +4
wand of stoneskin (20 charges)
rope of scintillating colors
rod of security
set of bracers of might
noose of terminal embrace
torque of the heavens


Occultist implements*
Azlanti Necklace 10 gp
Mask of Glondur 10 gp
Bell of Abraxus 10 gp
Censure of Shax 10 gp

Book of extended summons – Chel.
Scroll tube of magnetized paper.

Lesser Talisman of Freedom – Jacob
2 scrolls of planar ally – Hekja
pair of aura goggles (Aura sight)
occult reference materials

6x +1 Rapier’s
2 potions of greater invis (chel)
12 scrolls of cmw
4 antitoxin
12 doses of blue whinnis
8 doses of vermin repellent
4 mwk leather
4 +1 spider leg sickles
3 amulets of natural armor +1
4 unholy symbols of mag’lathar
192 gp

Horror on Hook Street Loot

71 flasks of shiver
250 gp in corn alcohol
2 doses of ghost powder
flask with 3 doses of silversheen
4 potions of lesser restoration
small potion of abjurant salt.
Mistmail (Charles)
800 gp in materials (200 gp imp body)
+1 Kukri
2 scrolls of restoration (Witch)
2 scrolls of cmw
3 scrolls of cure serious wounds
Amulet of natural armor +1 (Tree of Jacob)
Silver Holy Symbol of Mag’ravar
Lesser talisman of danger sense
Claw animal divining pot
2 mwk Short Swords
13 rapiers
13 leather armors
13 saps
169 gp
+1 leather armor
Mwk Spider Sickle (Jacob)
Potion of Invisibility x2

Find the Book.

Schloss Caromarc

The party traveled to Schloss Caromarc on behest of Judge Embreth Daramid Upon arriving, the party encountered several trolls, as well as flesh golems that were empowered by the mists allowing them to rage.

As they traveled through, and crossed the first stone bridge, what came to them was a suprise, a bigger Troll. This troll, unlike the rest was trained in the arts of war, and the party realized that it was a war hulk. Despite it’s combative prowess, fortunately for the party it seems like the combative troll was experiencing a bad case of luck. Thanks to Indigo’s interventions, the only casualty the party would of had was spared thanks to Indigos Breath of Life ability.

As the party, moved into the next building, and faced the dangerous flesh golems again, after putting them to rest the party decided it best to take a rest. Leaving the vampire twins inside the building, along with Scarm, Tony, the party moved forward. The party then encountered in one of the failing towers of Schloss Caromarc, a group of rust monsters. These fiends, destroyed much of the metallic items that the party had possessed. Indigo’s +1 Keen Longsword which had belonged to the late warden of Ravengro, as well as the sun blade known as “Fluffy Bunny.” The Angel, lost his magical chain shirt, as well as various magical items. Armaros, in his full plate armor decided it would be best to remain in the back and Armaros sent Scarm to fetch Dr. Shemhazi for assistance. Scarm sent his newly created Nemhain to assist the party and left to go find the doctor. Meanwhile, the Dracolyte and his Dragon engaged the fierce monstrous rust monsters. After they were destroyed, Atlas and Dr. Shemhazi went in to inspect, and found that the six rust monsters had larvae and extracted them surgically. Scarm placed the deceased rust monsters into his coffin for later, as both the vampire twins and scarm would like to have some as guardians. The next part, however was a small vault with 3 levers. As the party ascertained that one of the levers must be correct and best, Snart decided to pull the lever in the middle, losing his hand in the process. After pulling the second lever, the trap released revealing a large quantity of hands, one of which had a magical ring. A ring of regenerate.

The party, seeing a wooden bridge caused Scarm to react as earth elementals (grave elementals in his case) refuse to leave contact with the ground. As the party attempted to cross the bridge. Two angelic creatures appeared, Erinyes, who created lance’s of light. Armaros, upon making a successful check ascertained that they were Erinyes, a breed of fallen angels, and rushed a diplomacy check to prevent their assault. Kendra, as she attempted to cross the wickety bridge, nearly fell from the bridge. Dr. Shemhazi, the Beastbrewer, threw a monster in a bottle to recover the lass, a drider.

As Indigo crossed the bridge knowing that his charge was safe, unfortunately became unsafe. For the Erinyes began to attack, with the first strike hitting a vulnerable area, causing Indigo to fall unconscious the erinyes threw one last shot, and aimed for the head, slaying Indigo almost instantly. It was then, that the one handed Snart, was also struck with the same, and eventually fell unconscious, not slain, but badly wounded. Dr. Shemhazi, ordered the drider to go to snart and the drider used breath of life upon Snart. As for Armaros, he threw a spear of light and smited the erinyes aiming for the wing and managed to destroy the wing from the beast. While the Nemhain telekinetically held it there.

The Trial of the Beast

As our heroes entered the city of Lepidstadt, they were greeted with news of an intelligent flesh golem known as The Beast having been captured and put on trial for his crimes against the people of the region, and soon to be destroyed for his transgressions. Intrigued by this,the party members spoke with Judge Daramid, whom they were sent to speak with in the will of the late Professor Lorrimor. Upon completing their task, and receiving their promised platinum pieces, the elder Judge requested the heroes perform another task for her. She held suspicions on which what the Beast was charged in the nature of the crimes he is being tried for, and wished for the heroes to go about and gather evidence to truly cement the Beasts guilt, or prove its innocence.

The heroes visited the scene of the latest crime, the College of Lepidstadt, where a priceless item had been stolen by the Beast and a large amount of property damage was also dealt to the College campus. The PC’s investigated the scene fo the crime and noted how the Beast had easily torn through doors and walls with ease, but yet left the casing of the item in question completely in tact and did not have the item nor any memory of doing so. The heroes soon began to suspect something had used the Beast in order to gain entry into the College and had left without trace and had left the Beast behind to be the obvious and only perceived suspect.

Following this the party visited the abandoned village of Hergstag, where the Beast was accused of attacking the villagers and killing six children, the latest having been the young Elsa. Upon investigating the village, the heroes discovered the lingering wraiths that once were the children, who each spoke of not the Beast having lead to their demise, but of a nefarious Wraith known as Brother Swarm, whom was hiding within a small hole near a scarecrow within the village hills. The heroes swiftly prepared to destroy the Wraith and recovered the bodies of the young children, including the still intact body of young Elsa, whom with a speak with dead spell, gave testimony of the Beast being her friend, not her killer. Following this evidence, and reading up further on the details of Elsas death by inspecting her body and home, Atlas discovered that the children had died from suffocation and no further damage was done to the bodies, a near impossible fear for the Beast who possessed no such abilities and with incredible strength would have left definite damage on the bodies of its victims. Soon our heroes to speak with the Beast on the matter of a villagers testimony detailing the Beast carrying Elsas body into the village and laughing hysterically. Upon bringing up the subject of the Beasts deceased friend, the Beast broke into a fit of sorrow, its deformed flesh pulling into what would appear as a grimace while in fact the Beast was not meaning to do so.

On that day the heroes brought forth their evidence in the first trial and revealed that the Beast, while monstrous and rather terrifying, meant no harm to the village folk and was even a friend to one of the deceased victims. The jury swiftly gathered their notes and ended the court session, an obvious victory for the party.

Upon the second day, the party traveled the the swamp village of Morast, where they encountered the green skinned locals whom swore that the Beast had been attacking their village for almost a whole year before a recent attempt on capturing a villager resulted in the Beast being chased by the locals and being attacked by a Blood Caiman. The heroes were intrigued upon hearing such details, and asked to be brought to the site of the attack, an island within the swamp that bore the local burial ground for the locals, where they discovered a series of emptied graves. Upon further inspection the heroes discovered a hidden cam on the far side of the small island that contained materials of curious purpose: A special set of surgery tools, an alchemical extract of Darkvision, food, blood, and a hidden stash with a human face inside! Upon discovering these items, the Pc’s soon became suspicious of a third party in play in this event, and swiftly noted that the Flesh Golem in question could not bleed from the wounds the Blood Caimian allegedly inflicted, and bore no such marks on where the villagers claimed it had been bitten. Upon inspecting the surgical tools, Andoth noted that there was an Insignia on the tools that lead to a series of shop owners, auction houses, and finally to the Vorkstag and Grine Chymic Works factory. After battling their way through Mongrelfolk workers within the factory, the Pc’s discovered Vorkstags nefarious secret upon bursting into his office, the Alchemist was actually a wicked Fey known as a Skin Stealer. After a lengthy battle with the skin stealing scientist, the PC’s discovered a cabinet containing a variety of human skins that matched the descriptions of multiple missing people from Lepidstadt, and that the Skin Stealer bore the very bite mark that the Caiman had inflicted on whomever was attacking the villagers. Further inspection of the factory revealed a hidden water way that showed ledgers of illegal black market trades involving the bodies and organs of the people of Morast.

The PC’s worked swiftly to return to court and to put forth their evidence, revealing the nefarious secret behind the local Alchemists and their hidden agenda, using the very testimony of Vorkstags partner, Grine, to further prove this point. Furhter displays of the collected Human Skins and autopsy further displayed the Beasts innocence in yet another crime he had been accused.

The final investigation began swiftly the next morning as the heroes investigated the arson of a local hospital/asylum for the deformed and mad within lepidstadt. Upon inspecting the burnt remains of the hospital, the PC’s discovered remnants of documents that mentioned Vorkstag and Grines company, and a bottle of alchemical bleach lying within the remains as well. Deeper into the hospitals remains, the PC’s uncovered the severed head of the head Doctor of the hospital. Upon using a Speak with Dead spell, the Doctor revealed that he had dealings with the Alchemists that they would deliver him the bodies from the people of Morast in order to study them and their rare impervious nature to diseases and decay, and was hoping to create a means of replicating that ability for medicinal purposes.

With the final crimes evidence gathered, the heroe made an astounding final case for the Beast, and upon an hour after the jury left to seek out a decree, they returned with the decree that the Beast was Innocent!

The Pact of Scarmiglione and the Devil

The Contract Devil, Barumar, recieved his next customer. Scarmiglione, as he looked at the little guy, he thought this guy will probably wish for immunity to fire and to be a powerful dread necromancer. The truth had been the furthest.

Scarmiglione’s first wish was a simple one, to become an innate dread necromancer. Barumar looked and went yep.

Scarmiglione’s second wish was to become a unique elemental, which intrigued Barumar.

Scarmiglione’s third wish was to have an alternate version of ancestral possession, that should he be slain, he would come back as an undead version of himself, keeping his mental capacities, and his form changing to a death elemental.

The Pact of Krieg and the Devil, Barumar

Krieg, seeing all these events unfold, and his quest for power went to the contract devil located in the black market. The Contract Devil, Barumar, asked Krieg to take a seat. Barumar explained in return for his soul, he will grant him three wishes, or offer him the services of an outsider, alternatively, Barumar offered Krieg his greatest desire but that it would cost him all 3 wishes. Torn between the three, and curious about what it his greatest desire is. He took the chance and risked it. Upon signing his name, both contracts and Krieg began to glow as a blue light. Barumar granted his wish, the ability, knowledge and power to create artifacts. He lost his unknown ability to rage as a 20th level barbarian. Instead, he gained all the abilities of a 20th level artificer and the knowledge of it. Upon doing this, Barumar summoned his imps, and sent them to spread word of a master artificer. It was then, that he had heard a knock at the door. Acciani Viacarri, had arrived with Krieg’s inheritance. 250 platinum bars, each bar worth 500 gp.

Knowledge About Flesh Golems

Construct Traits
Berserk Mode 5%
Magic Immunity

The Theft at Lepidstadt

Door was locked and clearly broken in. Clearly by something strong and powerful.
Measurements for foot prints.
FIne Silver Bell was attached – Alarm Spell
— Large Heavy Footprints – Dents in Floor (Iron Nailed Boots)
Scratches on the Railing
Something had jumped the Railing and landed past it.

Charges against

Swamp Hamlet of Morast
- Grave Robbery

  • No Body Market – Morast

Theft at the University
- Property Damage
- Idol – University – Seasage Effigy

Arson Charge – Asylum Sanctuary of Carlyle
- Murdered Seven Children in Hurgstag
- Elsa, dead.
It Was determined the deaths were caused by Brother Swarm, a very unique Wraith


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