The Beast of Lepidstadt

Flesh Golem (Construct 6) / Barbarian 6


A towering abomination sits in an iron chair, bound with no less than a dozen sets of manacles. Stitching holds together this grotesque patchwork of flesh and bone, beast and man, though the wires are so taut they look as though they may fly apart at any moment. Its mouth is twisted in a permanent sneer, and a shock of lank, dark hair clings to its scalp. The
creature slumps in its chair, a despondent expression upon its monstrous face.



The Beast of Lepidstadt, a savagely cunning flesh golem, has long terrorized the simple folk of the land, murdering, robbing, and sowing carnage none can withstand. The mad golem’s reign of terror comes to an end, though, when captured mid-rampage. Yet, rather than destroy the monster, the enlightened council of the city of Lepidstadt insists the obviously thinking creature face a lawful trial.

The Beast of Lepidstadt

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