Professor Petros Lorrimor

The Dead Professor. This elder statesman was a well reknowed professor and part time adventurer in his youth. Now retired, the Professor spends his time studying the mysteries of the undead.


A friend to many of the heroes in the story, Professor Petros Lorrimor was recently found deceased through misadventure after it was discovered that a piece of masonry fell upon him whilst he was exploring the old Harrowstone Prison. The old prison was built many years ago not far from his home in Ravengro, and was more than likely the catalyst for his interest in the ruins. The prison was abandoned over 50 years ago, and is now believed to be haunted by many old inmates and prison guards alike. The Professor is survived only by his daughter Kendra Lorrimor.

After his death, a number of individuals were named in the Professors Last Will and Testimony namely Armaros, Indigo, Kreig, Atlas, and Andoth

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Professor Petros Lorrimor

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