Petra Alexandrovna

11 Dracolyte/Mystic -Innate Stone Warden Paragon




“Grandmother” was Reina Petravna, Daughter of Luna (Aaqa’s caretaker, and worshipper of Okrite).

Petra Ornstein is a gargoyle made in the likeness of a solar dragon, from the region of Caliphas. Petra’s creator had heard of the god Willsaren along her travels, and his past as an inevitable that became an Elohim. Fascinated by the ideas of life and rebirth, and all related concepts in between, she began to experiment in going in the reverse of Willsaren, making life out of stone and constructs. She had constructed around 16 gargoyles in her likeness (but with slight variations such as draconic influence, undead, and abberations in honor of Willsaren), as she planned to one day use her own soul to give life to her sculpture, using willing souls and soul gems in the meantime. However, she was robbed of the chance to make the transition when locals had caught wind of her experiments. “The outsider who makes mockeries of life and herself out of stone. And in the name of some pagan god of life and void? Surely it’s all madness.” The sculptor of Willsaren was apprehended and taken to an asylum far away from the general populace of Caliphas, leaving Petra (the youngest of the creations) and her sisters to fend for themselves. Each went their own separate ways: Some seeking new roosts and new lives in other regions, some staying at the house they were made awaiting their creator’s return, some seeking to free their maker. Petra had been cared for by 2 of the other young gargoyles before they too had a change of character and went their separate ways. Petra now seeks to protect life while pursuing her maker’s original experiments and studies, and hopes to meet her maker someday soon.

Petra Alexandrovna

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