Alchemist 4 - Innate Enlightened Scholar



Race Azlanti
Class Alchemist 4
Sex Male
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Atlas was born to a single mother, his father having left the both of them for a life of adventure. Atlas’ mother worked as a traveling minstrel, bring Atlas alongside her to all sorts of strange and exotic places, meeting people of all sorts. Eventually Atlas left his mother to attend a semester at the Academae. It is there that he gained his fascination with Alchemy and also where he began his rather incredible career.

Whilst at the Academae Atlas created his first, and possibly greatest, invention known as the Alchemist Arsenal, the first model being his personal Alchemist Dagger. The Alchemist Arsenal is designed to allow users to place alchemical substances within their weapons and allow them to be dispersed through the weapon upon impact, such as the first design being a dagger that Atlas used to demonstrate the transference of holy water through the hollowed blade to the point at the tip where it released the substance into a restrained zombie to destroy it.

After completing the creation of his first tool, Atlas left to travel across Golarion to find more inspiration for further tools and ideas.It was then he met Professor Petros Lorrimor, whom shared many ideas and thoughts with the young inventor on their travels. After parting whilst in Ustalav, Atlas traveled to the college of Lepidstadt to attend, but recently ended his courses there after recieving a message from a courier of the Professors demise.


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