Ravenloft - Carrion Crown

The Pact of Scarmiglione and the Devil

The Contract Devil, Barumar, recieved his next customer. Scarmiglione, as he looked at the little guy, he thought this guy will probably wish for immunity to fire and to be a powerful dread necromancer. The truth had been the furthest.

Scarmiglione’s first wish was a simple one, to become an innate dread necromancer. Barumar looked and went yep.

Scarmiglione’s second wish was to become a unique elemental, which intrigued Barumar.

Scarmiglione’s third wish was to have an alternate version of ancestral possession, that should he be slain, he would come back as an undead version of himself, keeping his mental capacities, and his form changing to a death elemental.


arcanyx1983 arcanyx1983

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